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Thursday, 30 April 2015

How I Take My Instagram Photos

Since I started getting obsessed with posting photos of my outfits on Instagram and I get asked these questions a lot, I thought this post would be appropriate. I take photos with my iPhone 6 for Instagram and in today's world, just about any camera phone will do! 

Instagram's a fun way to give your followers a glimpse into your life. However, I should warn you that these photos represent what Instagrammers want you to think their life is like all the time, when the reality is, well, unfiltered. So here's an honest look into how I take my Instagram photos:

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- LIGHTING, LIGHTING, LIGHTING: Natural light is your best friend and gives you clear and crisp photos. Otherwise, photos tend to turn out grainy and become even worse when you filter them!

- Don't Over-Filter: I tend to do most of my editing on other apps but try to make them look as natural as I can. If I do use Instagram filters, they now have a slider so I don't have to use them in their entirety. 

HDR: If you have an iPhone, click the HDR option at the top which makes a world of a difference when it comes to clarity.

- Continuous Clicking: I make sure that whoever takes my picture continuously holds the camera button so I end up with 30 very similar photos by the time I'm done. When I'm done sorting through them all, I end up with an average of 2 photos. Yes, each second counts.


filter fashion hijab fashion blog

Possibly the most common/reoccurring photos on our Instagram accounts are Selfies; so here are a few things I do to pretend I look like this in real life:

- Face light: Face light directly which gives you that 'glow'

- Find your angles: I always get slack for 'head-tilting' but whatever works, right? Suck dem cheekbones.

- The Adobe Photoshop app on your phone has a 'Reduce Noise' feature and it helps smoothen out any grainy areas for badly-lit photos and also makes my skin look creamy smooth! Yay to unrealistic beauty standards!


filter fashion hijab fashion blog

Quite popular in the Instagram world are interestingly angled photos taken from the top to show your entire outfit, possibly when you don't have anyone there to take photos of you because they're sick of your narcissism:

- Butt-Out: All you have to do is stick your butt out and point the camera to your gorgeous shoes

- Make It Pop: Hold some flowers in your hand or find an interesting floor to make the photo appealing to the eye or to make the colours of your outfit pop!

- Add Accessories: Try to incorporate your accessories, like your sunglasses and bag to make it scream fashyooon.


This one's possibly my most common one cause I love sharin' what I'm wearin':

- Kneel at me, bro: Tell whoever's taking your photo to bend their knees while snapping away, as this instantly makes you look taller (+ delusional)!

- Find a background: Because we've all seen those photos with the awkward toilet commode in the background. Find a coloured wall or a pretty door, anything to make your followers want to stop scrolling endlessly through their feed and double tap.

filter fashion hijab fashion blog

I hope you found my little tricks helpful & don't forget to share your Instagram photos with me!

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