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Tuesday, 23 February 2016


hijab fashion india style blog farheen naqi

hijab style india blog farheen naqi filter fashion
hijab style india blog farheen naqi filter fashion
hijab style india blog farheen naqi filter fashion

Since last year I've had some sort of a platform to sell my gently-worn clothes to my readers, whether it was on Shopify or on Instagram. However, both of those options didn't give me the full features and ease of use that I needed, which is what I found when I discovered StylFlip. 

StylFlip is an app where you can sell, buy, and flaunt your pre-owned fashion. Through the app you can find countless wardrobes of handpicked items that need a new home. It also gives you the chance to de-clutter your own wardrobe and pick out items you've only worn once or twice. We all have those items we bought in a rush without thinking about how we'd style them, and now's the chance to sell it to someone whose style it would suit better and earn yourself some cash. 

What's so original about StylFlip is their 'flatlay' style of presenting clothes. This makes scrolling through the app a better experience and provides me with more inspiration on how to style the item. By flaunting your style you'll find yourself present in a fashion community of like-minded people, whose lust-worthy closets you can shop. 

Jumpsuit - Zara
Coat - Missguided
Boots - Topshop

You can find my lightly-worn Zara Jumpsuit on the StylFlip app to buy, as well as other items that I add every week. Download StylFlip and find me at 'FilterFashion' and #getyourflipon.

Download StylFlip now: 

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